After watching both our parents struggle in housing was that was not suitable for their age we made the decision to move from our home with steep stairs and high maintenance garden. After looking at and researching numerous other villages we came upon Bridgewater Lake Estate.  We were impressed by the community facilities, common areas and of course, one look at our now home and we were sold before driving out of the village.  

We were lucky to be invited to some of the social events, and had got to know some of the residents before we moved in. 

This move was made just over 14 years ago and we have enjoyed many years of happy occasions with the many residents activities and have made a circle of firm friends 

Watching the village grow has been both interesting and exciting.

With the COVID-19 pandemic many of the residents have found ways to support one another, be it a walk around the village gardens and through the adjacent park, the weekly pizza order (arranged by a resident) where everyone picks up their order from someone’s garage, to the phone call out of the blue from someone just checking that you are OK.  

A great meeting place “at a safe distance” was the coffee machine, which management set up in the void near the front door.  Tables were set up for delivery of books/puzzles/games from the library all giving us a sense of being not forgotten.

Weekly and sometimes twice weekly information was circulated to our homes by management to keep us informed of restrictions and how they affected us.

Yes, we feel cut off from family and friends physically but having a safe haven within the village does a lot to ease our sense of isolation.