I have been living at Bridgewater Lake Retirement Estate for 11 years now.  I lived in my family home until I could no longer look after it. I had friends that live at Bridgewater Lake before I shifted in and I was coming up frequently at weekends and enjoyed getting to know everyone.  It is the best thing I have ever done and my family love coming to visit.  There is always something happening and if I have nothing to do I can always wander over to Geri’s and have a coffee and read the paper and there will be always be someone coming in and having a chat.  

The Management Team here are wonderful. Nothing is too  much trouble, if you want anything done just ask them something, they will help you to the best of their ability.  I can go walking around the Village and will always find someone to talk to.  There is a lot of activities going on and you can join in one or all of them if you like.  I have absolutely loved shifting here to Bridgewater Lake Estate.